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. >> president obama is back in washington after overnight fundraising trip to the bay area. his comments at the end of the trip though are generating some kochbilitys the president boarded air force one and depart from san francisco international airport having raised more than 3 million dollars for democratic candidate at 4 high price bay area events. two in san francisco last nature and two in atherton this morning. now after the second fundraiser president obama was praising california attorney general parris. he said quote you have to be careful to first of all say she is brilliant and she is dedicated and tough and then he said she also happens to be by far the best looking attorney gem in the country. well a lot of reaction on the internet on twitter and facebook. new york magazine blog was fairly representative when it said the president is in need of gender sensitivity training. >>> all right. let's go talk about the weather forecast. >> talk about thee1 tornado in f the county. >> things really calm here but there were powerful storms rumbling through the area and very oft
is part of the relationship with washington and pyongyang. it has been a vexing problem and the obama administration has had trouble engaging north korea without looking as if they've caved to threats. >> for more on the tensions i spoke to former ambassador bill richardson. he's been there on private visits and was inside the country in january. >> governor richardson, is this bluster or should the u.s. be worried? >> we should be worried. the bluster and bellicosity and the threats have never been as intense and you couple that with a new leader who appears to be manipulated and handled by the hard-line elements in the north korean military, those who don't wnat engagement. the good news is he is showing political strength, that he's tough. a lot tougher than his father. his father never engaged directly in this rhetoric to shore up his base and show despite his youth and inexperience he is in control. >> what do you think he wants from all this? what is his endgame? >> his endgame is -- to shore up his political base. two, whenever there is a new south korean leader as there is a n
president obama and also a professor at george washington university. pj crowley, are we heading to any kind of nuclear conflict with north korea here? >> i really don't think so. the bottom line is, north korea is crazy but they're not suicidal. the kim family business, they want that to continue. the kim family reign, they want to continue. so they'll make a lot of noise. but i don't think that they're going to jump off the cliff. >> we're seeing that the u.s. has been sending a missile defense system to guam. clearly some military activity. at what point should the united states consider some kind of military attack, all be it from a defensist standpoint if we can't put up with these saber rattling threats any longer? >> we need to be careful there. the last time the united states went across the 38th parallel during the korean war it didn't work well for us. china didn't particularly like that action. i mean, really, if we thought they really were at the point where they were going to fire a missile at us and add some prospect of hitting the united states, obviously, you know, taking act
and president obama 8 million dollars on a hawaii vacation while secret service agents can't stay in washington d.c. with their families at christmas time. we're seeing that people who plan their spring break around coming to washington d.c. to see the white house can't do it because they're closed because the president has decided we need to save money. >> sean: since the beginning of the year, if you include the whole obama family, that's two vacations a month, we have to help pay for, hang on a second. >> i'm sorry. >> sean: and if you include the bidens, that's one vacation every month and another one for next month. how many vacations do you take a year, powers? 'cause i don't get that many vacations. >> you know, i go to alaska to see my family, but-- >> once a year, maybe twice. >> no, i get to alaska a lot. i have two little nieces i have to see. but, my point is, i just, the idea that you're getting upset about the girls, i have a real problem with. and-- >> i'm giving you the same picture, i'm giving you biden's trips and hotels bills. and obamas, they can't go to the same location an
-bye. [applause] >> president obama is in washington today with meeting and events at the white house. this morning, he unvailed a hundred million dollar initiative to treat, cure, and prevent drain disorders alzheimer's and traumatic brain injury. his ri marks now on later, a meeting with the prime minister of singapore. one of the issues likely to come up, the threats from north korea. we'll hear more about that issue at today's white house briefing. other topics could include immigration legislation, reducing gun violence, and the president's budget proposal expected to be released next week. the briefing live on c-span2 in less than an hour from now. we'll have more live coverage here on c-span2. at 4:30 eastern, remarks from hank paulson, speaking about u.s.-china economic and environmental challenges at george washington university. at noon, a discussion about privacy concerns raised by the tsa's body scanning machines and enhanced patdowns at airports. >> we have to take back media, independent media is what will save us. the media are the most powerful institutions
, they talk about michelle obama. there are so many outlets that traditionally have no interest in washington because washington is traditionally thought of as boring and stale. but the sex appeal for better or worse, in the past four years has significantly upticked. >> from politico this evening, from the click column people watching in washington, d.c., the head library is that the daughter of senator mccain gets a tv show. we go to glen. >> thank you very much. i want to say about the comment about the appearance of politicians and that kind of thing. one, i guess that means the old chi shea that politics is -- chee shea that politics is show showiche that politics is business. over.gly people is i kind of disagree with you. i don't care what these people look like or anything like that. i don't think most people do. underestimating the audience, which i think is a big problem. that's where you get a lot of this nonsense because of the powers at be, what sleep shea you want to use -- cliche you want to use. by and large, most people wouldn't if they thought it has a drastic impact on thei
debate on gun reform, president obama is looking for support outside of washington d.c. yesterday at a police academy not far from the site of last year's theater shooting in colorado, the president focused on universal background checks saying his goal is not to take firearms away from their owners. >> the opponents of some of these common sense laws have ginned up fears among responsible gun owners that have nothing to do with what's being proposed and nothing to do with the facts. but feeds into the suspicion about government. if there are any folks who are out there right now who are gun owners and you've been hearing that someone has taken away your guns, get the facts. we're not proposing gun registration system. we're proposing background checks for criminals. >> one of the most fascinating parts of the speech was when he talked about michelle saying if i lived in a rural area and i lived on a farm, i would want a gun in my house. he was talking about this is not about keeping guns away from people. michelle was talking to the president. the president by extension understan
'donnell in washington tonight. kelly, thanks. >>> now to the economy and the environment could be on a bit of a collision course tonight with the obama administration's new proposals for tighter emissions controls for cars that could, in turn, raise the price of gas. our report tonight from nbc's stephanie gosk. >> reporter: at this rest stop in new jersey, the verdict is clear. cleaner air is good. >> everyone wants cleaner air. >> reporter: high gas prices are bad. >> it's ridiculous. i drive for a living. it's ridiculous for me. >> reporter: but can drivers have one without the other? the epa announced a clean air proposal today that would reduce sulfur emissions by two-thirds and impose new tailpipe emissions standards for 2017 cars and later. the federal agency says that by 2030, the regulations would prevent as many as 2,400 premature deaths and help 23,000 children avoid breathing issues per year. but the proposal would also raise gas prices. by just 1 cent per gallon says the epa. >> most health benefits of the premature deaths and the respiratory illnesses avoided, that's going to
it went. stay right there, monica, because president obama met with sandy hook families and other relatives of the shooting in washington as he continues his push for new gun control laws. i want you to take a listen. >> shame on us if we've forgotten. i haven't forgotten those kids. shame on us, if we've forgotten. charles: republican lawmakers are saying they will filibuster any new restrictions on guns that democrats put forward. we've got senator rubio who said, quote: we should work to reduce tragic acts of violence by addressing violence at its source including untreated momental illness, the lack of adequate information-sharing on mental health issues and the breakdown of the family, end quote. monica, what's your reaction? >> two senators have now said they will filibuster any gun control bill that comes to the floor, because it has a tendency to go beyond the prescribed things in the bill and really become infringements on the second amendment. but the political problem here for the president and other left-wing supporters of gun control is not the republicans, it's the d
with presidents. if there was a stigma you wouldn't see michelle obama at the oscars. i think this stigma mass gone away with this presidency. but the reality is, you know, you see a spike in the celebrity in washington, d.c. you've seen a spike in celebrity coming to washington, d.c. the fact that "tmz" is talking about barbara walters is more in their wheel house, they talk about paul ryan, they talk about president obama, they talk about michelle obama. there are so many outlets that traditionally have no interest in washington because washington is traditionally thought of as boring and stale. but the sex appeal for better or worse, in the past four years has significantly upticked. >> from politico this evening, from the click column people watching in washington, d.c., the head library is that the daughter of senator mccain gets a tv show. we go to glen. >> thank you very much. i want to say about the comment about the appearance of politicians and that kind of thing. one, i guess that means the old chi shea that politics is -- hee shea that politics is show business. i kind of disagree
. joining us the former senior adviser to president barack obama, david axelrod. former congressman and chair of the national republican campaign committee, former virginia james davis, peggy noonan of the washington street journal. jeanne, welcome to all. we'll talk about two hours of show into one hour. david axelrod, on immigration, a lot of republicans don't believe the president wants to sign immigration bill this year. they believe that he wants the politics, he wants the political issue, because it's been so successful for democrats. >> i understand their paranoia because it was a terribly difficult issue for them and continues to be. he wants this accomplishment. this is a legacy item for him. there is no doubt in my mind he wants to pass comprehensive immigration reform. >> tom davis, can republicans even start talking to hispanics on other issues if this issue isn't put behind them no matter how it turns out? >> first of all, they'll get a vote. you may get like we did it in 2006, a house version and senate version. very, very different. not reconciled. at that point every
obama. magazine, theyle traditionally have no interest in washington because they think it is stated, boring, and still, but the sex appeal, for better or worse, in the past four years, it has significantly increased. megan and on politico, mccain, the daughter of senator john mccain, getting a television show. caller: i'd like to say a few things about professor hall's comments about the appearance or real appearance of politicians. i guess that kind of means the old cliche that politics is show business for ugly people is kind of over. more seriously though, i kind of disagree. i do not care what any of these people look like or anything like that and i do not care and i think it kind of underestimates the obvious, which i think is really a big problem here. get thisre you nonsense because the powers that be, whatever it cliche you want to use, they do not think people want to see this serious news. i think if you do put out serious news on a regular basis, by and large, most people would if they thought it had some direct impact on their life. we are talking about the decline in t
a spike in the coverage in washington, d.c. and the fact dmz even talk about barbara walters the talk about keith olberman and about paul ryan and president obama and michelle obama. us weekly is the same, people magazine. there are so many outlets that have no interest in washington because they were traditionally thought of as boring and stale. but just in the past four years and is significantly out. >> host: from politico this evening, people watching in washington, d.c. the headline is mccain it's a tv show, the daughter of senator john mccain. we go to michigan next, to hear from glen. >> i would like to say a couple things about professor hall's appearance of politicians and that kind of thing. one is i guess it means the clich the caller showed this more seriously though, i kind of disagree. i really don't care what any of these people look like. i feel that this kind of underestimating the audience. i think it is really a big problem. that's where you get a lot of this nonsense because the power that the elite or whenever clich you want to use, they don't think people
their interests in washington. i think some of them see honda as a old school democrats so you have the same challenges of obama with hillary clinton back in the presidential primaries in 2007. >> we were talking about phones before. mika has, i would say, love/hate relationship with apple but it's nor of a hate/hate relationship with apple. so we are trying out some new phones here just to see how it goes. i know you've seen this. this new microsoft system which visually is great. you see it around. it's really impressive. the question is -- you're talking about the ecosystem. the question is microsoft so far behind the 8 ball? you know, for most of us all roads lead to itunes. >> right. >> how do they make that leap? how does microsoft get back in the game? this is visually better than the iphone and does a a lot of good things but is it too big of a leap? >> it's a challenge. these things tend to go in cycles. i've been doing this about 30 years. 30 years ago apple and microsoft just coming into their own area apple kind of lost its way a little bit and microsoft took that vacuum and crea
." >>> president obama headed to a community where a gunman opened fire in a theater. will he be able to regain momentum on gun control? we'll talk with our chief washington correspondent and anchor, jake tapper and elijah cummings will be weighing in as well. >>> what a 911 dispatcher overhears this call. >> she is wet, and i don't know how to get in. i am knocking on doors. there is nobody home. >> she gets her mom on the case. we'll explain, right after the break. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin. [ designer ] enough of just covering up my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely, but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months, and keeps it clearer through 6 months. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events, including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reacti
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)